Power2Prosper BPL Strategic Plan 2020-2025 – Bahamas Power and Light Company
Power2Prosper BPL Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Introduction: A Legacy of Transformation

The Bahamas Power and Light Company Limited (BPL) is mandated to ensure the provision of electricity throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The fact that The Bahamas is an archipelago presents a unique challenge in delivering electricity to the inhabited islands. Nonetheless, the commitment of the Board of Directors is to ensure that BPL provides exceptional customer service. In order to make that outcome certain, we are committed to the strategic planning process, to setting out clearly defined goals, reporting to our stakeholders regularly and with complete transparency, and holding ourselves and the company strictly accountable to those deliverables.

BPL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), our forerunner, and was incorporated pursuant to the Electricity Act 2015 to ensure that The Bahamas benefits from “a safe, least cost, reliable and environmentally sustainable supply of electricity”1 through vigilant oversight of the electricity supply system within The Bahamas and planning for the modernization and development of that electrical supply.

In February 2016, the Bahamas government signed a five-year management services agreement with PowerSecure International Inc., a US company, to manage BPL’s electricity generation, transmission and distribution services. In the wake of the transition out of the Master Services Agreement (MSA) with PowerSecure by a newly elected administration in May 2017, we transformed BPL’s organizational chart, resulting in a redistribution of responsibilities. This had the dual benefit of advancing seven Bahamians to key senior positions within the company and cutting millions of dollars in costs, which previously had a negative effect on the bottom line. The new team, administered by Chief Executive Officer Whitney Heastie (pictured (left) with a Wӓrtsilӓ rep.) along with other Senior Executives, continues to work diligently to fulfill the mission for which BPL was formed.


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