Customer Services

CALL BPL at 225-5275 today to speak with a Customer Service representative!

To better serve our customers during this pandemic, we strongly advise that customers stay at home and email [email protected] for all services including:

  • New Connections
  • Account Transfers
  • Service Disconnections

Don’t forget your documents!

To assist in expediting your request you’ll need:

  • Termination of Service:
    1. Copy of ID
    2. Account Number
  • New Services
    1. Copy of ID
    2. Proof of Ownership/Letter from Landlord
  • Check Read
    1. Copy of ID
    2. Account Number
  • Bill Query
    a.         Copy of ID
    b.         Account Number
  • Application for Transfer Service
    1. NIB Card
    2. Passport or Driver’s License
    3. Landlord letter for renter
    4. Copy of first and last month rent receipt
    5. Copy of Conveyance if property is owned
    6. If person is deceased:
      1. Copy of Death Certificate
      2. Copy of Probate
      3. Copy of Will
  • Deposit Refund
    1. Copy of ID
    2. Account Number
  • Reconnection of Service
    1. Account Number
    2. ID
    3. Proof of Payment if payment made through a site other than BPL
  • Bill Reprint
    1. Copy of ID
    2. Account Number
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