Customer Services – Bahamas Power and Light Company

Customer Services

CALL BPL at 225-5275 today to speak with a Customer Service representative!

To better serve our customers during this pandemic, we strongly advise that customers stay at home and email for all services including:

  • New Connections
  • Account Transfers
  • Service Disconnections

Need to apply for power supply? Choose one of the following for a Electricity Connection Request Guide for your specific need.

Don’t forget your documents!

To access the following services you’ll need:

  • Termination of Service:
    1. Copy of ID
    2. Account Number
  • Bill/Meter Query
    1. Copy of ID
    2. Account Number
  • Deposit Refund
    1. Copy of ID
    2. Account Number
  • Reconnection of Service
    1. Account Number
    2. ID
    3. Proof of Payment if payment made through a site other than BPL
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