November 8, 2022

For Immediate Release

The Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd. (BPL) assures our customers and community that we are taking all necessary and available steps to prepare our staff, infrastructure and customers to handle the passing of Subtropical Storm Nicole.  Once it became apparent that islands of the Bahamas were to be impacted by the storm, our teams began to enact the steps identified in our Hurricane Preparedness Plan to ensure that we were as prepared as possible.


All BPL locations in New Providence and the Family Islands are currently engaged in those pre-storm preparations, to ensure all personnel, tools, equipment and materials are readily available when the need arises.


Tree trimming efforts were increased in New Providence and in the Family Islands to mitigate against possible damage to BPL’s overhead infrastructure due to high winds, or falling vegetation. Additionally, BPL officials have contacted a number of our independent vendors and contractors to assist with more equipment and labor, if the need arises before, and after the storm.


We have also confirmed that adequate fuel supplies are in place to continue operations during and after the passing of the storm should shipping lanes be disrupted.  We have also contacted our Fuel Suppliers to verify the availability of additional fuel if needed.


BPL will close its offices in islands under Tropical Storm or Hurricane Warnings or Watches today, Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 1:00pm to allow for preparations for Subtropical Storm Nicole, and post-storm restoration efforts. Our offices will reopen in the various islands once the Warnings and Watches have been lifted.


During the storm, should maximum sustained winds reach 40 MPH in any of our Family Islands, BPL will engage in a controlled system shut down to safeguard equipment on our network.  This will enable us to restore power as quickly as possible once the winds subside as damage would be minimized.  On the island of New Providence, BPL will maintain routine operations until it is no longer safe to operate.  Some areas may be disconnected based on risk assessments of our underground and overhead infrastructure regarding potential weather-related impacts such as flooding.


Post storm, once the all clear has been issued by NEMA, BPL Department Heads, Engineers and Senior Managers, will immediately begin making initial assessments of the storm’s impact on BPL’s infrastructure and restoring supply if applicable.


During assessments, management will determine whether additional resources will be needed to assist with or expedite restoration efforts in New Providence or Family Islands. Provisions will be made available to have additional resources dispatched to the hardest hit areas.


We encourage our customers to prepare and to stay safe. Please visit our social media pages for hurricane safety tips.  In particular, please avoid any downed power lines and run portable or stationary generators in the appropriate manner to avoid concerns.


Follow us on Facebook @mybpl242 and on Twitter @mybplbahamas, or visit our website (www.bplco.com) for updates.

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