Central and South Eleuthera Outage

Central and South Eleuthera – Recent Outage Report

December 7th, 2017

At approx. 3:06am a trip occurred on the Hatchet Bay Power Plant South Feeder disrupting supplies to customers in Central and South Eleuthera.

During restoration attempts at approx. 3:14am another trip occurred on the Hatchet Bay Power Plant North Feeder as a result, affecting customers in North Eleuthera and Harbour Island.

Power was restored to North Eleuthera at 3:18am and to Harbour Island at 3:25am respectively.

At 3:17 attempts to restore power to customers in South Eleuthera via Rock Sound plant were unsuccessful due to an operational failure on Unit5.

Power was restored to customers in Central Eleuthera at 3:36am and in South Eleuthera at approx. 3:48am. via the Hatchet Bay South Feeder

All supplies were restored to normal by 3:48am. The maximum duration of the outage was 43min. and maximum demand affected was approx. 6MW.

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