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Our History and Vision

The roots of Bahamas Power and Light Company, Ltd. (BPL) were established in 1956 by the Electricity Act of 1956, which created The Bahamas Electric Company as a government-owned public corporation. Today, BPL is committed to overcoming our nation’s challenges to fulfil its mission of providing you with safe, reliable electrical power.


  • Is the only state-owned electric utility and it is governed by a board of directors appointed by the government
  • Operates 30 generating plants in 25 Island locations
  • Provides service to approximately 100,000 customers
  • Has a total installed capacity of 438MW in New Providence and the Family Islands
  • Generates electricity from 28 diesel engine stations and 1 gas turbine power station
  • Invested approximately $290 million in capital projects over the past 15 years, primarily allocated to providing power to 13 Islands and upgrading or replacing aging plants and equipment
  • Delivers electricity through a network of high voltage transmission lines up to 132kV and delivered to consumers at a minimum voltage level of 120V / 60Hz


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Power Secure BPL Business Plan 

Operational Recommendations and Performance Improvement Approach

Our Service Area

BPL serves all the major islands of the Bahamas exclusive of Grand Bahama.

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We are always on the lookout for people to join our team of dedicated, hard-working professionals. At BPL, you’ll get the respect, training and support you need to succeed. Come, explore the opportunities!