Current Outages

How to Report a Power Outage

BPL does all it can to provide you with reliable, consistent electric power. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it will be there 24/7. We can only promise that we’ll do everything we can to maintain it, and when an outage occurs, we’ll restore your power as quickly as we can.

We often know when your power is out – but not always. If you experience an outage, please give us a call so we can start getting your power back on as soon as possible.

Call: 242-323-5561

At this time, we have no way to reliably estimate how long it will take our team to get your power restored. Know that we are working hard to get things back to normal and that we appreciate your patience.

Follow us for the latest storm updates and power restoration progress.

Safety in the Storm

At BPL, safety is our number one priority, and we want it to be yours as well. Most of us have been through severe storms and hurricanes in the past, but it never hurts to recall some of the important things to do and be aware of whenever one is heading our way.

BPL has compiled a short list of tips to help you weather the next storm. We hope you’ll read and heed them.

BPL Is at Your Service

Have a question? Need to make a change to your service? We’re here to help.

Visit our Customer Support page for convenient self-service options and ways to contact us for prompt, personal attention.